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Apr 2021 - 'Wildlife'

Apr 2021 - 'Favourites'

Mar 2021 - 'Selective focus to isolate object'

Mar 2021 - 'Favourites'

Jan 2021 - 'Vintage or Shadows'

Jan 2021 - 'Favourites'

Nov and Dec 2020 - 'Toys or Fruit'

The setup used by David to produce the following snow scene.


(Good job it wasn't in the first Lockdown when there was a shortage of flour!)

A combination of a darkened floor tile, a model ship and a model letter opener produced the following image in Photoshop

This is the original photograph taken by our member David of the 'Chicken Run' models.


After some discussion, I mentioned that it may have been better to have Chicken No. 20  pointing towards the camera.


Unfortunately, the models were no longer available but the challenge was taken to see if it could be achieve in Photoshop!


After a little time and effort, the following image was created.



Hope you are now Smiling

Nov and Dec 2020 - 'Favourite'

Oct 2020 - 'Snails eye view' and 'Lit by a window'

Oct 2020 - 'Favourite'

Sept 2020 - 'Taken at mid-day'

This is the photo taken on West Hoe just after mid-day as mentioned in the Cornwood & Lutton Magazine article (Sept 2020)

I managed, with arms up-stretched, to combine the statue by Anthony Gormley (Iron Human) with the other iconic feature on the Hoe, being that of Smeaton's Tower

Sept 2020 - 'Abstract'

Sept 2020 - 'Fill frame with colour'

Sept 2020 - 'One colour'

Sept 2020 - 'Favourite'