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Aug 2020 - 'Dark Mood'

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July 2020 - 'Trio & Long exposure'

July 2020 - 'Favourite'

Magazine article

In a recent article in the Cornwood & Lutton Magazine, I mentioned a lens calibration kit. This is a wedged shape construction (see image below) with a centre vertical section. The object is to auto focus on the vertical section and observe the grid lines that are in focus. If you discover the area in focus is not central, then in certain cameras you can adjust this area using the 'fine tune auto focus' setting.

June 2020 - 'Intentional Camera Movement' / 'Leaf' / 'Tree'

June 2020 - 'Favourite'

May 2020 - 'Night Sky' & 'Weird'

May 2020 - 'Favourite'

Apr 2020 - 'Meaning of Isolation'

Apr 2020 - 'Favourite'

Mar 2020 - 'Spring'

Mar 2020 - 'Favourite'

Feb 2020 - 'Subject with a dark background'

Feb 2020 - 'Favourite'

Article in the Feb 2020 Cornwood & Lutton Magazine

Moving slightly to the right, so the top of the structure touched the edge of the building, created a more interesting connection between the otherwise detached objects

The balance of the original photograph below was improved by moving to align the chimney (plus chimney reflection) with the bollard in the foreground

Creating a more dynamic photograph by slanting the camera for an image  that still retains the character of the building


Jan 2020 - 'Mist, Rain, Snow etc'

Jan 2020 - 'Favourite'

Nov 2019 - 'Building the Barcode in Plymouth' - photographs by David Pitt

Nov 2019 - 'Your own subject choice'

Oct 2019 - 'Gates'

Oct 2019 - 'Favourites'