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September 2014 - 'City Street Scenes'

September 2014 - 'Favourites

August 2014 - 'Speed'

August 2014 - 'Favourites'

July 2014 - 'Environmental rubbish'

July 2014 - 'Favourites'

June 2014 - 'Portrait'

May 2014 - 'Animals and Birds'

April 2014 - 'Movement or Motion'

March 2014 - 'Spring Flowers'

February 2014 - 'Chilly'

January 2014 - 'Indoors'

A wide collection of images from the abstract rain window, a garland, lights, the capture of dripping paint, out of focus people, Christdingle candle and a clown.

August 2013 - 'Holidays'

A blue sky and a way to keep the children occupied, what better holiday could you ask for?

July 2013 - 'Flowers / Water'

Well, Bryan's rose looks like a '3 star' michelin dessert - good enough to eat!

Anne's evening river scene

Helen's stormy sea silhouette

Joyce's photo from the Cornwood Flower Festival

Ian lake at St.Wolfgang, Austria complete the diverse collection of images shown on our July Club Night

June 2013 - 'Captive Animals / Birds'   Hope you enjoy the following


Well, this is certainly high quality mud

I think this mudpack is working, what do you think?

Are you sure this is the website?

Where's he gone now? I've asked him a hundred times to cut the grass!

Can anyone see the table number we are on?

This Zoo has really gone down hill. All the animals seem to do is text!

Who are you looking at?

Ya, who are you looking at?

I'm not smoking, it's one of my five a day carrots

Right then girls, let's all do the conga!

I can spend all day at this staring game, matey

Please press the shutter, I can't keep this yawn going all day!

You just have to accept the fact that some days are just 'bad hair days'

This bed is hard, too short and there's no pillow - should have gone to a Premier Inn!

May 2013 - 'Bluebell'

With a deluge of Bluebell images it was difficult to choose one to convey the theme, however, this one from Linda ticked all the boxes and the following one from Joyce proved there is a wide latitude......

when considering the subject of 'Blue Belle'

April 2013 - 'April Fool'

You can try but I don't think this flavour is being stocked by Tesco's - Much to the disgust of our cats

March 2013 - 'Reflections'

This image was taken level with a font in a church and provided a perfect reflection for David

February 2013 - 'Valentines'

David didn't bring any of the subject matter in for us to eat on our club night !

January 2013 - 'Festivities'

Well, the other club members thought about Granny and a plate full of brussel sprouts but I think Ian's thoughts were in decidedly warmer climes !